about us


A fusion of two sisters names, Ilana & Marika, the brand Lanamara embodies our own open-spirited style and sensibility.


Applications of handcrafts paired with luxurious textiles including leather, linen, cashmere and raffia result in elevated pieces that convey an authenticity and, much like a home, communicate a sense of warmth and the feel of something made carefully by hand.


'We want women to feel they've invested in pieces that effortlessly express their own sense of style'.

Our pieces are made as one of a kind or in small batches from either our home studio in regional South Australia, by our husband and wife team in Melbourne or our factory in India.

creativity and craft

We love to express our creativity through products that our customers need because we ARE our customers, women who are juggling their everyday lives and want to invest in beautiful quality that transcend trends and are loved for years to come. 


We’re both mums, wives and entrepreneurs as are many of our friends so we ask ourselves firstly, would I wear this? Does it fit into our lifestyles, running kids around to school and sport, dinner with friends or jumping on a plane.


Creativity and function are central to the products we create, this combined with elements of craft conveys our unique aesth  




We are a female founded and run small business and are conscious of both our environmental footprint and the positive impact we can have supporting makers and artisans.

We endeavour to source, produce and dispose of resources ethically and sustainably. But.. we do know there is always more we can do so we will continually strive for best practice.

We use recycled paper for our packaging.

We produce in small batches with the aim of selling out before we create more beautiful products.

our materials


At Lanamara we love natural fibres and probably the most luxurious and sought after in the world is cashmere. 

It is softer, lighter and can be up to 3 times more insulating than wool and yet so gentle on the skin.

While a sheep produces around 3kgs of wool a year a cashmere goat will only give you around 200gms, fibres can only be collected once a year, making supply severely limited and the cost more expensive than other fibres.

Our cashmere is sourced in Nepal by a small family business, each wrap is hand loomed and then individually hand dyed, to maintain the softness of the cashmere.


Our leather is a by-product of the food industry and is sourced from Italy, China and India.

We currently use full grain cow leather. 

Our leather goods manufacturer, Bharat are located in Delhi, India we have visited the workshop which is a clean, modern and well organised facility.


We have independent people who visit the Bharat team to assess working conditions, manufacturing processes and to see our goods being made. They are a friendly, open team with a very collaborative environment.


Bharat are members of Sedex and have up to date audits in place. Their company value is "We manage to combine the best of people and technology innovation with the support of sustainable and safe production".

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