Who is Lanamara?

We are really excited to bring you our first blog post, we hope you'll continue to join us on our journey to launch in early 2020 and beyond where you'll find behind the scenes stories, chats with inspiring women, people places and things we love, and pics and videos showing how we love to style our bags and accessories.

So who is Lanamara? We're sisters Marika and Ilana, and started Lanamara (a combo of our names) when we couldn't find handbags that sparked a sense of modernity and uniqueness but also practicality.

We'd been making clothes for ourselves for years and loved that we could reflect our own personal sense of style by adding touches likes trims and embroidery, and mixing prints and textures.

Our first collection embodies this open-spirited style and sensibility.

We have a clear view of who the Lanamara girl is, she has a cool femininity that’s both warm and approachable

She isn't driven by fast trends or celebs but by being the best version of herself.

We want to women to be able to invest in pieces that effortlessly express their own sense of style.

We feel we've created a brand that strikes the right balance of aspirational and accessible.


We cherish artisanal craftmanship and quality.

Handcrafts mixed with luxurious textiles including leather, linen and raffia result in elevated pieces that feel authentic and, much like a home, communicate a sense of warmth and of something made carefully by hand.


Inspired by an Australian sense of optimism and relaxed glamour our brand reflects style influences of art, photography, fashion and street style, film and interiors from around the world.

But mostly we’re inspired by women who are juggling their everyday lives of family, careers, hobbies and wellbeing.

We also design based on the needs and desires of our own multifaceted lives.

So creativity and function are central to the products we create.

We’re both mums, wives and entrepreneurs as are many of our friends so we ask ourselves firstly, would I wear this? Does it fit into our lifestyles, running kids around to school and sport, dinner with friends or jumping on a plane.

Every Lanamara product is made by our artisans in India, the result is beautifully crafted bags and accessories that have a story.

We can't wait to share our first collection with you in early 2020

Elevated accessories . Artisanally crafted . Effortlessly worn

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